1. Valid E-health declaration are compulsory to check before boarding the flight:
• Complete e-health declaration via link https://www.chp.gov.hk/hdf within 96hrs prior the arrival time till check in counter of relevant flights closed, there is one of the below results:
+ Green QR code: OK to board (OKTB).
+ Pink QR code: OKTB as long as show hotel reservation for Cathay Pacific to cross check.
+ Red QR code: NOT OKTB unless redo and get green QR or pink QR
• Fill COVID vaccination and hotel quarantine information.

2. Negative PCR test report with the sample collected within 48hrs before the scheduled departure time of the flight to Hong Kong:
• Children under 3 years old are exempted from PCR test.
• Passengers who recovered after COVID (positive from 14 to 90 days before travel) may enter Hong Kong with negative RAT test report if:
+ Holding a Health certificate in English or Chinese showed that they were positive from 14-90 days before and recovered.
+ Negative RAT test report in English or Chinese with sample collected within 24hrs before flight to Hong Kong.

3. Designated Quarantine Hotel booking confirmation for required number of nights:
• Inbound passengers from overseas places or Taiwan will be subject to quarantine under the "3+4" model:
+ 3 days compulsory quarantine in designated quarantine hotels
+ 4 days Followed by medical surveillance at home, with multiple tests during medical surveillance and the monitoring period thereafter.

4. Fully vaccinated with vaccination record
Accept all format of vaccination record as long as record must be in English or Chinese. Passengers in Vietnam may retrieve English version through page

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