HKBAV agrees that our efforts should meet the following criteria to ensure focus.

1) Activities should allow involvement of our members’ and their organizations.
2) We should be accountable for the funds being used responsibly working with organizations where we conduct appropriate due diligence.
3) Causes we contribute towards should be sustainable and have a longer term impact preferable
to one-time relief.
4) We should allow for promotion of HKBAV whenever appropriate.

HKBAV to take on a longer term initiative under the banner of “Enable Learning Impart Knowledge”. A logo, designed by Ms. Christina Yu of Ipa-Nima, incorporating the HKBAV logo, was developed to bring focus to our efforts. She has chosen the Chinese word ‘善’ for the concept behind the design as it means kindness/ charitable. The integration of the book image in the Chinese word brings out our focus of learning and knowledge.

Standing commitment

The Library Project (“TLP”)

An NGO project to build libraries and reading corners in schools in rural Vietnam to improve children’s
literacy. Each project comes with proper librarian training and a 3-year monitoring program.

TLP started in China and branched into Vietnam and Cambodia. The cost of each library project is small enough for HKBAV to commit without pressure with the flexibility to up our game should our fundraising efforts pay off.
The geographical coverage within Vietnam also allows HKBAV to select school locations closer to our members’ sites to encourage further CSR participation in supporting through local efforts. An initial 3-year commitment was entered into with a minimum of one library each year committed and is now into our second 3-year commitment.

To date, we have donated over USD11,000 since 2016 and provided over 3,170 children’s book for over 650 students. We aim to provide an additional 800 books and benefit 146 students between 2020 and 2021.

Tuong Loc A  Primary School – Tam Binh District, Vinh Long Province (2020)

The school is a small satellite school situated in a very rural area in Vinh Long Province. One must actually take a boat to arrive at the school. Because of its remote location and small population in the area, schools like this are usually unable to obtain government funding for libraries. Tuong Loc A Primary School has 5 classrooms, 6 teachers and 128 students who study in grades 1-5.  A donation about USD$2,612 would enable this school to go from 0 books to 625 books and 5 new STEAM Classroom Libraries.

Thien An Shelter (MATA), Tan Phu District, HCMC.

Located at Tan Phu district in Ho Chi Minh City. They have 35 students who are 85% to 100% blind and poor from other provinces. 30 of them stay at Thien An while 5 just moved to a hostel in District 7 to study English under a scholarship. They make and sell “Guide Cane” to cover tuition fee and other expenses. We are going to donate 5 laptops (refurbished), 20 sorobans, 10 talking calculator, 50 set of braille slates and stylus with 10 cartons of braille paper with total donation about USD940.

Tra Lanh Secondary School – Boarding House, Tay Tra, Quang Ngai Province.

The boarding house of Tra Lanh secondary school is a complex of 20 damaged containers.  The students’ living conditions are not in good shape, especially in the rainy and windy season, they faced many difficulties. We have fully voted to donate 10 bunk bed systems and 11 banks of lockers for 5 rooms for up to 190 students, totally donation is USD7,500, will be completed in Nov 2020.

Other Ad Hoc requests

We are also supporting CSR efforts of our members and member organizations through our funds as long as they meet the general objective of our focus “Enable Learning Imparting Knowledge”. The funds to be utilized shall be approved by the Ex Co on a case by case basis upon recommendation of the Charity Committee.

Fund Raising Initiatives

Every year, Tung Shing Group supports our Charity Funds through the annual moon cakes sales. Through Hanoi Hotel, HKBAV would be provided with mooncakes to our members at a preferred price and net proceeds to our Charity Funds.

In 2016, HKBAV organized the first charity golf tournament and is now an annual event to create a proactive pipeline for funds for our committed initiatives. HKBAV has been organizing golf tournaments in Vietnam and in the region since 1995. To date, we have raised over USD71,000 through this annual event with net proceeds going towards our Charity Funds.


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