Policyholders of health insurance can use the image of their health insurance cards on the VssID application - a digitized social insurance application - from June 1, 2021. According to reports to June 5, 2021, medical facilities nationwide received imaged health insurance cards on the VssID application instead of paper cards. The new identity was appreciated and welcomed by policyholders because of quick, simple, convenient manifestations.

Utilities for patients: The use of imaged health insurance cards on the VssID application for medical examination and treatment is new, but well received by health facilities and people. Most of the opinions are supportively appreciated, saying this change is suitable for the digital age and practical to beneficiaries and medical facilities.

When going to medical facilities, policyholders only need to open the VssID application installed on their smartphones and show personal details to hospital staff for confirmation of medical registration. Simple operations and no need to fill in the name and contact on declaration forms as previously. With the application, policyholders can look up their time of paying social insurance and health insurance fees as well as their insured medical check history.

Clinics: As recorded in Hanoi, in the past few days, Bach Mai Hospital, Duc Giang Hospital, Thanh Nhan Hospital, Xanh-Pon (Saint Paul) Hospital, Hanoi Medical University Hospital and other facilities served a lot of people using the VssID application instead of paper health insurance cards. According to checks conducted by Hanoi social security authorities on the use of imaged health insurance cards on the VssID application at Ha Dong Hospital and Bach Mai Hospital, information technology infrastructure is fully equipped with card readers and staff are well-trained in the matter.

As directed by the Ministry of Health, the hospital received some patients using the VssID application at the Emergency Department and the Intensive Care Department. Technically, it has been well equipped with a complete and modern information technology infrastructure for effective deployment. The hospital planned and assigned tasks to its employees and divisions upon the direction of the Ministry of Health.

This form of usage is fast, simple and accurate, all together beneficial to insured patients.

Immediately after being guided by Vietnam Social Security (VSS) on the use of imaged health insurance card on the VssID application for medical care, local social security agencies actively coordinated with health authorities to quickly disseminate this utility to people and facilitate policyholders to adopt the new form of identity at health facilities.

Adopting this, policyholders said that the new method is simple, quick, accurate and convenient. They feel free from the stress of having the insurance card misplaced or lost at hospitals. At the same time, they can also check medical history, medicines, medical supplies and medical services provided by medical facilities for each treatment.

Source: VCCI

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