Starting from 6am (Hong Kong time) on Sept 26, 2022, inbound travellers of Hong Kong no longer need to serve hotel quarantine, but are subject to a “0+3” model. From Nov 21, 2022 onwards, testing arrangements for inbound persons (aged three years old or above on the date of arrival at Hong Kong) arriving at Hong Kong from overseas places or Taiwan have been adjusted. Main features as follows:

Vaccination requirement for Hong Kong residents will be lifted. Non-Hong Kong residents aged 12 or above still need to be fully vaccinated or have obtained a medical exemption certificate before boarding a flight. (See Note 1)

Pre-departure nucleic acid test is no longer required. Instead, declare your negative result of rapid antigen test (RAT) (self-administered or by professional swab sampling) which is conducted within 24 hours before scheduled departure time (Note 2), together with your vaccination status, via Department of Health’s portal ( in order to generate a health declaration QR code for verification by airlines for boarding at check-in.

This QR code has a validity of 96 hours, counting from your expected arrival time in Hong Kong (not scheduled departure time). That means you can submit online declaration as early as 96 hours before scheduled arrival time, and then ‘update’ the declaration after obtaining the RAT result within 24 hours before departure.

"Test-and-go", instead of “test-and-hold”, at Hong Kong airport, i.e. once given specimen for the nucleic acid test, you can take public transport or self-arranged transport to return to your home or hotel.

Quarantine arrangement changed to "0+3", i.e. no compulsory quarantine + 3-day medical surveillance (need to comply with Amber Code restrictions under the Vaccine Pass - see Note 3) + 4-day self-monitoring period

* For those intending to go to Mainland China/Macao, please read the section “Persons travelling from Hong Kong to the Mainland China or Macao” of this page. Free-of-charge nucleic acid test at community testing centres ( or mobile testing stations (, which can be conveniently booked online, or self-paid test at other recognised institutions ( on Day 2 (arrival day counted as Day 0), plus daily RATs from Day 1 to Day 7. You should only leave your place of stay daily after obtaining a negative RAT result. If your nucleic test conducted on Day 2 is negative, your Amber Code will end at 9 am on Day 3 and turn to Blue Code (see Note 4). From Nov 21 onwards, those arriving at Hong Kong before that date will not be required to undergo the compulsory nucleic acid tests on Day 4 and Day 6 if they have already undergone the compulsory nucleic acid test on Day 2 as required. For details, please read the following press release:

If you test positive, your Vaccine Pass will switch to Red Code and you cannot enter certain places (see Note 5). You should also report via the online platform:

Please download the latest version of LeaveHomeSafe app before departure (

You should also check the number of visa-free days your are entitled to, or if you have applied the required visa, before flying to Hong Kong (see Note 6)

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