It is with great pleasure to welcome Mr Jesse Choi, Director of Sunwah Group - CEO of Sunwah Innovations and HKBAV’s newly appointed Advisory Board Director with effect immediately.

Jesse Choi

Director of Sunwah Group
CEO of Sunwah Innovations

Contact info:
Sunwah Innovation Center Ho Chi Minh City
6F, Golden House, Sunwah Pearl, 90 Nguyen Huu Canh,
Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
T: (+84) 28 7307 7880

Mr Jesse Choi is Director of Sunwah Group in charge of Southeast Asia. With his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from British Columbia, Canada, before taking the current roles, he was appointed in several positions, including Deputy Director of Sunwah Nanjing Technology Development Ltd. Co. and Deputy Director of Guangdong Sunwah Tech Consulting Group. Established in 1957, Sunwah Group is a Hong Kong-based diversified conglomerate with eight principal areas: Seafood & Foodstuff, Real Estate, Financial Services, Technology, Media, Infrastructure, Education & Training and Environmental & Healthcare. Activities extend deep into Mainland China as well as to the environs of Macau, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Singapore, Japan and across the oceans to Canada, the United States and Australia.

Sunwah Group has operated in Vietnam for more than 50 years. Its business here covers Seafood, Real Estate, Financial Services, Coffee & Trading, Agricultural & Dried food products, and Innovation. The Group marked its milestone in the field of innovation in 2020 with the establishment of Sunwah Innovations and the opening of various Innovation Centers in Vietnam, Mainland China, and Cambodia, together with the launching of the Sunwah International Innovation Platform. These new initiatives aim to build a global innovation network using Sunwah’s international resources and connect partners in the startup ecosystem in every location where the Group does business. Mr Jesse Choi is also the Director of Sunwah Vietnam and Chief Executive Officer of Sunwah Innovations.

Mr Choi has been supporting the promotion of trade exchanges between Vietnam and Hong Kong, China by organizing business events and facilitating discussion between delegations in both geographies to develop more understanding of each other.

Mr Choi is currently Member of the Zhongshan Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference; Member of the Young Executives' Committee, under the Hong Kong Chinese General Chamber of Commerce; and Member of the Y.Elites Association, Hong Kong.

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